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Do you have wings?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021


Generally, wings are symbolic of all the fantasies of being extraordinary but wait......

I have got a secret.

Wings symbolize spirituality and the ability to fly. We all can fly, we all can be different, we all can have those pure white paths to heaven. Those paths which can make us stand at the other side of an edge where all the extraordinary people are. We can be in that one percent of humanity where, there exists the path to success.

Using our time with efficiency can work as wings in this scenario. According to a study, if we just remove notifications from our mobile, we will add time which is equivalent to one month more than the people who do not disable their notification. Productivity can be our wings to grow, to chase the impossible and to achieve something that nobody has even thought of. Biggest mistake we incur is that we think those great people who have made history are different from us. Great people who inspire us, have same senses, same body and same zeal. Only thing which makes them different is their attitude. They knew how to chase the impossible. They knew that if they use their present well their future will be brighter. You will have to work hard in your present time and make your future brighter or waste your time in high dopamine consumptive activities and regret in future. In both the ways you have to suffer, either in the form of hard work and smart work or in the form of regret. Regret is one of the worst feeling which hits you hard by making you feel disgusted and useless.

Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

What do you choose?

The hard work and smart work will be much more productive than regretting not working hard in the past.

If you know that you will have wings as soon as you start working towards the prioritized things, the universe conspires you to achieve them. Your faith and persistence will determine your success. At the end of your life, you will regret that I should have worked hard to leave an impression on the coming generations.

You have got a choice to get those wings for free if you push yourself a bit.

It will happen;

Men come and men go, who keeps a tap on regular people?

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