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How spirituality can help you go deep inside yourself?

Updated: Jan 5

Spirituality is the only way to fill the void in you;

It is all about going deep inn yourself. You will have to dive deep inside your heart to reinvent yourself and come out as the best version of yourself. No need to time yourself, you have no restrictions, once you start enjoying it you will know what it is all about.

Do you want to sharpen your instincts?

You can do it through spirituality. Instincts are the messages that God sends you at the present moment. If you fail to interpret them, you may be losing out on a lot of stuff in life. You must have noticed that the best decisions are those which were unplanned, taken on the spot. Carpe Diem. At that point in time, you need to trust yourself and for that, you need to have a strong heart. Only your deep dive into spirituality can help you that way. That’s why we see our ancestors were stronger back then.

Your heart is like a ship in an endless sea called life. It decides whether you will sink or swim in life. Your brain controls your heart. The twist in this dramatic plot is that your brain is very difficult to manage, it is like a wild monkey. The only way to control that monkey is by opening the door to spirituality or when the monkey becomes mature, maybe it’s too late for you to regret things.

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The only way to be happy is when you know that problems aren’t like math problems, it is a test, an opportunity to turn around and get the best possible outcome. It just tests you but how you perceive it is your choice. If you are optimistic, you can convert any problem into an opportunity and be better.

Problems are also not as tough as you think they are, how you think about them matters. Thinking is often the most difficult task for people because they either don’t be in the situation or think it in a pessimistic way. Every human being ever born on this planet had problems to tackle, those who can benefit from them come ahead in the race and the rest are too busy to even participate in that race.

To go deeper also means to notice all the details. Breaking things into simpler forms and noticing the details is also a key element that normal people forget. For instance, if you want to water a plant then you will water its roots not its leaves or any other part. You will only be so curious to find details if you are truly interested in it. You are truly interested only when it's your own magic.

Life is actually too easy but people try to make it complex by entangling themselves into their wild monkey minds. Try slowing it down. Walking slowly will help you remain till the last. You will get worked up if you run fast. So start slow and go on.

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