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Updated: Nov 24

Imagine Elon Musk wasting so much time as we do, could he be that great? Exceptional people are not superheroes, it's just a mindset which matters the most. We always have an option to either waste time overthinking about weight, hair, people, clothes, or thinking about what is truly important.

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The most valuable thing in the universe is TIME. Money is always secondary because you can't buy time. If you afford to lose time at such a tender age then we will lose our greatest personalities in the face of those inventors who were similar to you.

Procrastination will not even let you know that you are under it and it will sap away your energy and snap away your time and leave you just one step away from failure.

What if deadline which were supposed to be finished in a month was worked upon every day and finished on time, it makes you feel like you didn’t even work on it. Some hours a day, won't make a big deal. What we do is that till the 27th day we are as chill as if we don’t have any work and then the next day, the mixed feeling of tension, work and panic succumb us which makes us work, day and night. This strategy harms our body too;

Working in the second way might sound cool to others but you know what is better. “hey john I finished the project in 4 days”. Creating an image of iron man might sound better but satisfying will be the night where there will be no tension but the feeling of happiness about doing great work that day.

Life is not difficult but the point is, you need to observe what is better for you. Now, let's do a simple task. Think of your favorite dish. Now imagine it to be in front of you. Do the same thing when your stomach is full, that is, after finishing your meal.

What do you observe?

You are no longer craving for your favorite dish like you were before. You don’t want it for a time being. Why is it so?

It is because you are satisfied now. You are procrastinating to eat, not because you don’t want it but because you are full.

The same thing happens when we do stuff which are important to us. When important stuff doesn't seem to be as interesting as social media, games, or a new movie, we procrastinate. When we procrastinate and do the stuff which is more interesting but not important like social media, movies, games then, for a moment, we think that we don’t want anything else in life. We think that this is the best moment in life and it should stay forever.

Are you full in your life? Have you given up on life? Do you want to remain mediocre? Do you want to die with only the cries of your family or the cries of millions of people who wanted you to live?


He was not influenced by riches. Even he had an option to leave the country and get paid more than what he was paid. He didn’t want to betray his nation. He is the man with no hater. He was people’s man.

Okay, we have some decisions to make until we meet next time.

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