• Kunal Jain

The world is imperfectly perfect.

At last, the feeling of belongingness comes when you forget yourself and be one with something. Like a ZEN master has said, “To know yourself is to forget yourself". When you start going deep into yourself you realize that the only way to achieve what you want is to combine your identity into that thing.

When you forget your identity and be one with the universe, then you seek the truth of serenity. In your most productive days notice that you are so into the task that you forget the feeling of yourself and be one with the task. That is focus.

You have to attract all your forces towards that one task in the present moment and forget the rest. Slowly you will see yourself in the place where you wish to be. It won’t happen overnight, if it would, it won’t last. Many problems will come but your optimism will play a big role because at last, we all know that life is suffering and it happens to everybody.

Image by Kiril Dobrev from Pixabay

When you admire the beauty of life as it is, you will seek happiness. Nature makes us happy. It can be a silent teacher. The rate at which the greatest plants grow which eventually live for centuries is very slow but it provides the best result. Natural things aren’t perfect, but the results are best. For instance, when you have processed orange juice and then you have fresh orange juice, you may like the processed one but fresh one will give you the best results.

So, keep walking, find your passion, be happy and the most important thing is to enjoy the process.

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