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What causes procrastination?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

About the preface

The biggest heist in the world

I was a big procrastinator but just because I knew tricks to avoid it with strong willpower, I came out of it. When I saw many people suffering the same problem, I was shocked. More astonishing was the statistics and bigger picture which came after I started a walk on this topic.

An average adult wastes approximately 3 hours procrastinating in a day. The number of hours keeps on increasing with time. All the distracting things hook us so hard that we don't even know that we are procrastinating.

There are 1.8 billion youths in the world. Just give it a thought and then you will realize my worries about the current situation.

(The information above is based on true facts, the time spent in procrastination is given by the study published by the lending company RateSetter, which is based on YouGov survey. The data of the youth population between 10-24 years of age is from the reports of THE ECONOMIC TIMES.)

Symptoms of procrastination

We all know that time is the most precious gift by god and we don't even know how much we have it. We unknowingly dump tons of time in excessive dopamine consumption by playing video games, watching movies, social media, etc., then we blame ourselves at the end for ignoring the most important stuff and then the guilt factor pinches in.

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

One more amusing fact about procrastination is that it saps your energy by making you feel tired. Think about it, before even you do the prioritized work you feel tired. Increasing laziness, the frustration of not doing the work on time, feeling guilty about procrastinating are the symptoms of procrastination.

So if I sum it up in a line then, procrastination is doing something you don't even realize in the middle of your most important task which results in feeling guilty and extra lazy.

After knowing this, I wonder why we do it;

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