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Updated: Nov 24

What is the biggest difference between humans and animals?

Thinking power and Questioning power.

Animals are caged by humans and then too they are obedient to their masters. When people are put in jail, they think about ways to escape. Why so?

Animals don’t think about the possibilities to escape to an intensity which humans do. They don’t think that why did this happen to me? If they do so then we know the consequences.

Humans have questioning power along with the tendency to think and correct the problem.

The human mind’s greatest work is problem-solving. 50 years later, all work will be done by machines, So how will humans survive in this race?

Image by Ermal Tahiri from Pixabay

If we don’t use our minds, what will be the difference between us and the animals?

Why the holy creator has made our species so privileged?

Animals procrastinate because they don’t think. They do what comes to their mind first.

Rat experiment

Paul Phillips and his colleagues at the University of North Carolina did an experiment with rats where they fitted electrodes in their brains and trained rats to press a tiny lever to release some cocaine into their minds.

The level of neurotransmitters fell when the rats approached the lever but it spiked up again when they pressed it.

Then the scientist kept rats in the same cage but stopped the cocaine pump and observed the rats. They saw that rats associated the dopamine levels with the room and lever. So when the rats pressed the lever, it shot up their dopamine with the same amount.

This experiment shows us how animals react to dopamine and how they instantly gratify for things they desire. We, humans, have the ability to think and know what is good for us in short term and how it will affect us in long run.

If you be like animals and live every time to fulfill your short-term desire which is not relevant in your life, you will obviously go and watch your Instagram likes or YouTube video or you will watch Netflix and chill but just take time and think. The creators will put their time into creating new technology and then you will again use that just for the sake of using it.

Those people are not exceptional, but you will think that to convince yourself that whatever you are doing is right.

Truth is that the only different things those people have is, time, their wings of life.

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